My name is Sofia or Surfia that’s how some of my friends started to call me last year. I was born in Moscow, Russia, in the family where art was definitely more important than math. My father who is an architect introduced me to art when i was a little kid. During all my live i was in love with Pablo Picasso  as how we all love sweet memories from our childhood. Later i cheated on Pablo with M.C. Escher and became a huge fan of periodicity, symmetry,detailing, such techniques like xylography and etching. As the result of my interests in cinematography and film photography i started to put less and less colors in my art works, however, if i do use colors i’m spending hours trying to make them look tasty together.

 Right now most of the time i spend in Portugal riding waves and skating long roads near the ocean. Mostly my art inspired by Surf&Skate Culture, nature, spots i’ve visited and my friends i’m surfing and skating with. These topics are very popular now, but i’m trying to show them from different perspectives and i enjoy listening that all people perceive all of my works in completely different way.